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  • If you agree to re-post the round-up with your link within 7 days on your review site, go ahead and submit your review or contest.
  • Your review should have been posted within the last 7-14 days. As long as your review was not in the previous Round Up and was posted in the past week (or so) it will be included. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can submit per edition.
  • Please make sure your link is correct and that it points to your review, not a link. I check every link, so please don’t bother with shortened links, (like,, tinyurl, or People like to know where the links are going.
  • Check your spelling please. I am gonna post your name exactly as you write it up here.
  • Please keep your title short-ish. The title should be the name of the book and author only, unless it is actually a giveaway then we all know it is a review. You don’t need to have the title here match your post name exactly. (while I really do love your creative titles, the name of the book and author is all I will post on the edition, thanks for understanding) I like the name of the book and then the author, if you please.
  • A note about contests:  If I see more than one post about a certain giveaway on a blog tour, blitz, blast (or whatever clever name they think of), I won’t publish anything about it. I just really want to be fair and not play favorites. We want to help drive traffic to your site, so feel free to list your contest post if it is site sponsored and/or not part of a blog tour. If you think it is something unique like a tour where there are less than 30 stops then list it. I will sort it out. You may get lucky and be the only participating reviewer that works with that Blog Tour host. Thanks for your understanding with this.
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2 thoughts on “Submit

  • June 9, 2015 at 12:51

    Karen: Just FYI, when I try to leave comments on KissinBlueKaren the comment box disappears on me. So I’ve been coming by, but not commenting.

  • January 24, 2016 at 15:42

    Hi Karen! I think I submitted this review already, but didn’t make the Round-Up, possibly bc I was out of town/ had no wifi to post the Round-Up? Apologies if I missed a step!


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